Universal Valve Lockout Dubai- UVL



Universal Valve ┬áLockout – UVL

  • Best for precise closing / opening of all kinds of valves of various sizes and makes.
  • Versatile, rugged, easy to use, lightweight and chemical resistant new open-ended clamp fits over closed rings, wide handles – can also be used to lock out large levers.
  • Use two blocking arms to lock out 3, 4, or 5 – way valves, or to lock valves in the throttled position for operational control.
  • Injection molded – special PVC grade / stainless steel components embedded Lockout. The clamp attaches to the butterfly valve lever, preventing the trigger handle from being squeezed.
  • Multiple functioning with the help of Vinyl Coated Steel Cable and arms.
  • Use cable attachment to lockout gate valves.
  • Can be used to lockout large levers, T-handles and other hard-to-secure mechanical devices.
  • Made from industrial grade Stainless Steel and Nylon for rugged durability, giving chemical and corrosion resistance.
  • The Universal Lockout is a modular construction where the user can add various accessories to make the device suitable for a range of valves.
ES-UVL + C UVL with 2 Mtrs. Galvanized Steel Cable
ES-UVL – SA Small Arm for UVL
ES-UVL – LA Large Arm for UVL


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