Butterfly Valve Lockout Dubai – BFV 04



Butterfly Valve Lockout – BFV 04

When slid into position the wedge on the slider section prevents the compression handle being squeezed, preventing operation of the valve. The holes on the slider have a staggered repeat which ensures hole will be tight when placed against the valve. Padlock is used in the hole which is tight to the valve as possible to ensure proper lockout. Hasp is also used some time when multiple locking is required with more than one lock on the lockout device.

  • Single universal size designed to lock all kinds of butterfly valves in the industries.
  • Resistant to cracking and abrasion. Highly resistant to solvent and other chemical products.
  • Made of strong polypropylene plastic. Fully dielectric (non-conductive)
  • They are resistant to extreme weather and temperature conditions – suitable for outdoors.


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